1. I’m usually a nice person. But I gave the coldest shoulder to someone today. And didn’t feel bad about it at all.

  2. Bar selfie

  3. Doodling on @flounder_tattoo ‘s pound of flesh hand. (at Truth & Triumph)

  4. ✨Fun day yesterday at Hell City. Got my ditched tattooed by @dustyneal and bought a collab print of @thedrowntown and Dusty Neal. ✨

  6. Got my other Twin Peaks patch yesterday.


  7. Ego boost

    A girl at the bar tonight came up to me and told me I’m the “most beautiful girl she has seen”. It made me feel great and it’s nice to hear such great compliments from complete strangers.

  8. dorkly:

    Otaku on Titan

    Anime at the gates.

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  9. Might be getting tattooed at Hell City

    Hopefully getting my ditch done and even closer to getting my left arm finished.

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  12. ✨Tonight’s project ✨

  13. People say imma fox