1. I just

    Want to have cute lingerie and prance around my beau. But I just have mismatch pieces of cheap bras and boy cut underwear that 80% of my butt hangs out of.

  2. flash-art-by-quyen-dinh:

    Twin Peaks Tattoo Flash now available in the shop! www.etsy.com/shop/parlortattooprints

  5. Still life

  6. Friends. Bar. Blah.

  7. ceresmon:

    Ritsuko Akagi (赤木 リツコ, “Akagi Ritsuko”)

    (via ngeangel)

  8. <butts>


  9. I wish I didn’t hate my body

    I’m such a big believer in body positivity. But I struggle everyday with loving my own.

  10. dilf98:

    David Lynch and Sherilyn Fenn in 1989

    (via ciggy)

  11. My antique find from yesterday. Finally gonna start collecting kewpies 💕

  12. Feeling positive about myself

  13. Hard to get a good pic since it wraps around. But a ship I did tonight ⚓️ (at Truth & Triumph)